Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Bookworms shall inherit the Earth.

"A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies but a man who never reads lives only one."

It all started in year 2007 when I first read 'Alchemist' and the general mags such as Reader Digest, India Today. It seemed useless then but now when I realize that no one from my class has read 'The Kite Runner' or 'Sherlock Holmes's series', I feel proud and sad. I pity a man (or woman) who has never read a book. A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies but a man who never reads loves only one.

Have a look around, after all these selfless friend can bring meaning to our lives. They can do so much for us just by being books- all the more than what is actually printed inside. Below is what I think!

Person like me, would prefer to interior decorate my house on my own, rather than paying hefty sum to an interior decorator. And yes, i have loads of books for that decoration part. Oh! I just love the sight of that overflowing bookshelf. Come on, won't you agree that they convey a sense of intellectual depth to its owner :-)

And, what about personal d├ęcor? Sitting in a waiting room at a recent interview, I noticed the lady next to me was carrying a copy of a play by Shakespeare. Being casually acquainted with works of Shakespeare myself, I was impressed with this young lady, until couple of moments later, it was revealed that she was actually carrying the cover only with few pages inside to take down notes. Phew! I am still laughing out loud!

Patience. Reading makes us patient and curious. Anyone who has survived fifty pages of odd 2000 pages novel, will testify for this.

I am often asked: What do u like reading? Pat comes my answer, "I love reading what gives me joy"...and I say that shamelessly. Experiment. I experiment a lot when it comes to reading. I don't make anything my steady diet, its just like eating at restaurants, what's the fun if you don't try new cuisines every time you eat there.

For me, it's like that nothing can beat the fragrance of a new paper book (yeah! I sniff them, I am weird like that!), the glossy look, the feel of its spine, the musky smell of print and the hidden promise. That, that...aesthetic appeal of a stacked bookshelf.

Better to have your nose in a book than in someone's else business, isn't? :-):-)

P.S. i just finished reading Chowringhee by Sankar and I think it's a nice, quick, hilarious read. 


  1. Oh here it is! My favorite things in the world ;) I totally love this post of yours and can hear myself saying on your every word "you too, I thought it was only me" :-) And cherry on the cake - your last line about the nose being in its right place!!

    1. I knew something like this will come from u, Garima.:-) in fact have been thinking abt u while writing this one down!

    2. Thinking about me while writing the post...Now I am flattered :-D (Blush :*)