Saturday, January 11, 2014

Kirpya Khulllle paise de!

... कॄपया खुल्ले पैसे दे ।

The words, loud and clear on the Chandigarh-Ambala toll bridge, made sure that you don't miss noticing the extra emphasis on letter L in Khulllle. I have heard of khule, but khulllle!

That's the kind of effect Punjab has on you. :-)

The first thing I noticed about Punjab, on that first day post marriage, was the smell of different air. I was excited and delighted by it, in that first Punjab minute. It smells of ten thousands dhabas, with even walls coated with desi ghee, rather makhan. The spurts of dhabas lining the highway still amuses me. Of course, till that day I used to think that the ever so humble idlis and larger than life dosas comes under main course menu. Here, it tops the list of fast food menu. Amusing!

Then there were people. Otherwise where else on the Earth will you find turbaned heads held high in air with rolled up thick moustaches at edge! I have been living in the city for almost two years and believe me, the sugar coated punjabi accent can beat even sweetness in rusgulla by miles. Personally, i have never been a big fan of ever so pompous sardars, but here, in almost two years i have realised that no one can escape the charm and chauvinism of the community.The land which we better know as land of desis boys, thanks to the likes of Honey Singh, Yuvraj.

And, yes, yes, of course, I would commit a crime, if mention of Chandigarh's architecture is not done. "Oh, so u have shifted to Chandigarh. It's beautifullllll!" :-), Just heard that 209th time last week. Like any other big city, traffic moves at snail's pace here too, but the scents of spices undulled by diesel and petrol fumes is prevalent everywhere.

The city seems never sleeps. Howsoever new you are to it, it will make sure that it makes you feel at home in a jiffy.

As i hope to stay here for years...the conversations and bonhomie, the flowing food and celebrations just at the drop of a hat will surely keep my spirits high!


P.S- The city has given me a lot, including my streaked hair. Now this one is interesting. My bosom buddy, Shilpi, ".....finally yours hair streaked, now u r typical Chandigarh kudi" ! ;)

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  1. And who doesn't love the vibrant Punjab! Endorsement from you in such warmth...calls for a trip to Chandigarh huh :)