Saturday, August 19, 2017

Thou bittersweet, O motherhood!

Journey of a mother as her daughter turns four ...

A motherhood is 

...a day old clothing
uncombed hair 
before you could blink shower 
pyjamas with smeared hand prints all over
dishes filled sink
a grubby house 
unmade beds 
ever growing laundry
the art of cleaning the same place many times a day and still failing bruised knees 
a tycoon hit looking living room after you return from work 
3 AM wake ups and 1 PM bedtimes when your child is sick 
being on-call 24/7 – no pay and no day-offs 
going from ‘Yuck!’ to ‘Here, wipe it on my shirt'
drinking reheated tea at least 5 times 
reading “The Alchemist” till eternity because every time you pick the book, the apple of your eye decides to poo 
tidying, feeding, talking and answering 
All at the same time.


but...being a mommy   
is about joyful hearts.
is about magical kisses.
is having the entire world in your hands when those tiny hands hold you tight.
is a sink full of dishes but a house filled of laughter
is draining but exhilarating.
is the hardest and the happiest hood ever.
Being mother soothes.
It is about doing it again and again…gleefully!

Picture Credit : Scribbles by Radhika (My mother is in shape!) :D


  1. what a lovely thought.. in a wonderful way u have explained the roleof mother who is 24×7on duty feels like never ending task but unconditional love of her kids keeps her going!!!!!luved the picture by my favourite artisit...

  2. Loved the write up.So very well can relate with each line.I am a mother of a 6 years old Princess and I stay in Panchkula.

  3. The poem as cute and lovable as your little one! :3