Friday, February 17, 2017

Toh ek cup chai ho jaye?

Tap tap. "Tea?" 
Asks rain each time.  And, an old school, preferring tea over any other beverage, I welcome this benign invitation, with open arms, that very each time.

Not just rains, every morning when dawn breaks, a cup of tea beckons me while the world sleeps. An early riser, my mornings begin with preparation of a kind of tea. The kind, which has a carefully crafted scientifically deducted recipe in which I take pride the way these Pepsis manufacturers do. Tea, carries for me reminiscences of my  childhood days, when getting up in the morning as a child, the first thing I would see was my Mummy having her tea. Over the past years, now when I am Mummy to a four year old, my morning routine has changed to a large extent. Amongst other changes is that I've also joined in my mother's morning routine, albeit, sitting at a different postal address. My mornings thinks, and so does my mother, that it is very respectable to do nothing at that first cup of tea. 

And, so therefore love of the tea, travelled with me even after when I left school to pursue further studies.  It remained a daily need in my hostel days, much to my friends' ridicule. In the early mornings of North Campus at Delhi University it was one of the things that felt like home, away from home.

Years passed, and even now when I have an extended family, sitting for chai is a daily ritual that gives the family some much needed time together. 

However, if you have experienced it too, a cup of tea can best be enjoyed all by yourself too. Honestly, for me it has been one of those few best company when I just want to clear my head. And the amount of times it has sat with me through my exams I've pulled, makes it my saviour. 

So, everyday I see love around me over a cup of tea. I see it in the evening over a cup of tea with my in- laws. I see it in my husband who makes an effort to ask me how my weekdays went, over a cup of tea on weekends. I see and feel the love for myself, while sipping it alone. 

Any tea lover would know exactly what I'm talking about. 

Toh ek cup chai ho jaye, and as you relish a sip, just think over, "Why a biscuit when dipped in water forms bubbles ?"
Real thinking happens on a cup of tea, at times. I told you.


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  1. Lovely write up....tea refreshes old memories tooo....i m equal tea lover...feel like having ek cup chai with u ...

  2. why does a biscuit form bubbles?

    1. The answer is as interesting as the question itself, Sir. Biscuits loose some air (pride) when dipped in a tea, in form of bubbles. Pun intended :).

  3. Its almost like you read my mind!! Not that I didn't love my cup of tea before becoming a mother but ever since my infant turned me into a zombie; I have fallen in love with tea on a totally different level.
    And incidentally I was also thinking of how my mom loved her two cups of tea ritual (morning and evening) and I never understood it completely until I became a mom.
    I love it how you put into words the warmth daily cups of tea bring into our life by saying "I see love around me over cup of tea".
    I completely adored this entry of yours and enjoyed every word of it! :)

  4. Lovely Anu .... Reading ignited that unique thirst of tea specially when I read it now , tea time !!!!