Saturday, December 31, 2016

What I Know For Sure by Oprah Winfrey : What the book told me and what it did not

Few excerpts from the book :

 “If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is ‘Thank you,’ it will be enough.”

“In the word question, there is a beautiful word – quest. I love that word.”

“Nurture yourself often so you will have more nurturing to give to those who most need you. It is the airplane oxygen-mask theory : if you do not put on your mask first, you won't be able to save anyone else.”

So, reading this book has been a five-star experience, nothing less than eating a pizza overloaded with tons of cheese. In fact, reading it was near to what I call “visualising a miracle”; it made me think wide on a subject which was, unbeknownst to me, hidden inside my heart. The question of being the “real me”.

And, the pertinent question is, does it really matter that I remain elated all the time? Am I supposed to smile ear to ear all the time? Or chat non-stop? Or seem radiant? Or wear messed up eyeliner once a while?

I am not one might call a gregarious person. I am okay with that. Because that does not make me a “dispirited person”. Not that I don't have my state of euphoria and ecstasy and excitement but the state is like a short-lived jugnoo. Brightest in its life span, with decreasing luminosity.

Jubilance, passion, anger, shyness, calm…I feel so much more than just being happy because that is me. Bewildered do I feel, annoyed do I feel and so do I feel irritated at times. I work like a dog and I feel power- hungry. I don't smile a lot. Or talk to my friends on the phone often. I don't like animals (actually pets). I don't like it when they mix chocolate with almonds or peanuts. I don't like rom-coms. I don't feel impressed or get pleased easily. I like to be on my toes all the time and love to work on challenging assignments often. I laugh at jokes sometimes, if they are funny enough. I get angry at inefficiency and sometimes I am furious with people with no reason. When I love someone, I love her/him with all my heart. I sense a lot of things. I am willing to tread difficult paths in order to do something which excites me.

Am I happy when I do all these? Well, I am not unhappy either.

So, why do people write about being in a state of eternal happiness all the time? To remain sugar coated happy always is not we are supposed to be. We can't understand the importance of bad times that way. Without going through the mixed emotions of passion, jealousy, displeasure, we would not be able to appreciate the beauty and tranquility of something called happiness.

We are human; why can't we happily embrace the bulges and pits of life with grace? After all, happiness and joy should not be a destination; rather a milestone which, we can encounter periodically on our way. Utmost happiness, I guess, lies in that only, and not to showcase fake happiness all the time.

And ,well, Ms. Winfrey, thank you for enriching me with your writing. I am more grateful. I am more curious. And, I nurture myself more now.


  1. Beautifully written and made me add the book to my list. I wish we could all learn to unmask ourselves and be fine with just being okay.

  2. Very beautifully brought together thoughts for wonderful life......delivering message that we all should learn to be grateful.....luv u zindagi...

  3. You definitely made me more curious here! Would love to read and experience this book! Looking forward...