Tuesday, October 7, 2014

because there is a gypsy in you...

I took a deep breath and listened to the old brag of my heart. I am, I am, I am.

Third day of the Chandigarh Arts and Heritage Festival. My heart hammered even as I held on tight. A silence followed, of the loudest kind. Have I heard it right? Few seconds back, amidst thundering audience, I am being summoned to receive the honour. The most coveted award for any Indian classical danseuse. So, finally I am there. 

As I moved on to grab on my fruit of labour, I thought...this has been a long journey. Exactly that's what it is all about. Unbridled You. Being in touch with your deeply passionate, creative side imparts a touch of magic to treaded alleys of life.

Don't we all have real us, folded neatly within us, who is unleashed in the company of good music, crackling bonfires, thunderstorm rains, a walk in the hills- and of course in the right company. Been through that feeling? When you may want to rejoice free spiritedness, spontaneity and float as a five-bladed flower helicoptering gently to the ground in the cool breeze; you may want to sing and dance as if you are alone in your living room.

…And, then one understands the vanity of limits which we set on us each day. That little child each one of us carry within us, one who peeps out almost all the times but is quickly frightened by "char log kya kahenge". And suddenly, in that one moment, you have been introduced to your innate, powerful side which beckons you to go and paint the world alive.

Meaningful it would be, to give thought to what brings that reigning moment for you? That goose bumps feeling when you hear your favourite song on a loop? That thrills of seeing your child laughing heartily? Or, exactly making your life's do-to-list short brings out the vibrant you? Whatever it is, nurture that source, because it makes you meet real you. 

...because if your real side is lost in the humdrum of life


...it was pouring and I was standing right there, day dreaming. Until the phone rang. I rushed inside. It was a call from my masterji. I was getting late for Bharata Natyam classes.

Aaah,it was a dream. Nevertheless, I took a deep breath and listened to the new brag of the heart. I am, I am, I am almost there. :) 


* picture courtesy http://flickrhivemind.net/Tags/kathak,uk/Interesting

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  1. Oh what a lovely piece! I love it to its every word..not just because of the beautiful expression but because it has a heart-melting resonance of something each person must have experienced...Awesome :)